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Soy Candles
Scented Lye Soap
Herbal Healing Salve
:: Stillmeadow Gifts ::

​   Stillmeadow Gifts...  is where we unleash our love for the natural beauty and healing benefits of traditional vintage arts such as soy candle making,  soothing herbal salves, scented bar soap that  nourishes your skin, and so much more. It began as a hobby of ours with results that are healthy, aromatic, healing and beautiful! If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

​  **Please email with your order or for a 
         complete listing of our products**

Why burn soy??  
*Soy Candles are made from 100% all natural waxes, which are soy and vegetable waxes

*Soy wax burns cleaner, lasts longer, holds more fragrance and supports American agriculture. It contains no toxic chemicals or carcinogenic compounds. 
*Soy candles do not put your health at risk, because they do not release the toxins that paraffin candles emit.

*Our soy candles are hand crafted, eco-friendly, and biodegradable- your safest, most fragrant experience!

8 oz. jar...... $7.00

16 oz. jar..... $13.50
~Are you looking for a healthier alternative to skincare or simply intrigued with the romance of an old fashioned bar of scented farmhouse soap nestled beside your sink for the scrub and lather of it?~

**Here at Stillmeadow we offer you all natural soaps containing all natural ingredients: *water, lye, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, fragrance, and additives( dried flowers, oatmeal etc.)

**Lard... is rendered from the excess fat of our hogs grown on our farm and is a soapmakers standby when it comes to old fashioned lye soap. It creates a solid bar and is mild to the skin.

**Coconut oil... a white oil from the meat of the familiar coconut is widely used in soap making and creates a bar with plenty of creamy lather to enjoy.

**Olive Oil...For centuries the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits of olive oil to nourish and moisturize the skin. It's unique cleansing and softening properties are as simple and pure as can be and makes a superbly moisturizing addition to our soap.

4-5 oz. bar............ $4.00
3 bars .............. $1o.00

Avaiable scents: Farmhouse Spice, and 
Kiss of Lavender

 ~We formulated our salve using a blend of healing herbs and natural ingredients that will both numb pain, as well as heal and soothe. This salve is an antiseptic and fights bacteria while it's astringent properties help to draw out infection and poisonous bites. It is also a soothing remedy for rashes and dry skin.~

**All purpose, all inclusive, Herbal Healing Salve  may be  your family's healing touch!

Ingredients:  Calendula, Comfrey,
Lavender, Marshmallow, Plantain, 
St. John's Wort, Yarrow, Vit E,
 Olive oil and Beeswax.

1 oz tin ................. $6.75
2 oz tin ................. $11.75
4 oz tin ................. $20.75

* We love this salve! I use it for everything! ~ a mom of 3
* We use it like water... infections, burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes... 
it's great for it all. ~ family of 6
* We love this for dry skin, scrapes, wounds and also as a lip balm. It's our cure-all.:) I had a scald burn and this salve with extra vit E healed it great! ~ family of 8