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Stillmeadow Farm
 All Natural  Meats~                     
 Pasture Raised Beef, Pork and Chicken
Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things.
About Stillmeadow Farm...
    ~We are the Reynolds Family, the eight farm hands who manage Stillmeadow Farm.  We are a small family operation consisting of  30 acres with a primary focus on raising beef cattle. We also grow hogs and broilers during the summer, depending on availability and demand.  

    ~We love the privilege of being on the farm, working together. We desire to cultivate the values of being good stewards of what God has given us and utilize the land to it's fullest potential, to grow as much of our own food as possible, (cost effective and so much healthier which for us also includes our own milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs) and to produce high quality, all natural meats that satisfy our customers with the same tasty experience we enjoy together every day around our kitchen table.

:: Joseph after farming all his life, now specializes in forage management at a local 1,400 cow dairy. He oversees all the feeding which in turn benefits herd health and milk production.

:: Gail, a homeschooling mom and homemaker, keeps the business rolling with her wonderful secretary skills, organizing, scheduling processing, and answering emails. Her interests involve herd health care, cattle management, gardening and much more.

:: Amy, an amateur photographer, who loves capturing farm life in natural light is also one of the milkmaids for our Swiss/Jersey cow. She enjoys beef cattle, studying herbs, making herbal salve, & natural lye soap.

:: Julia loves the beef cattle and horses and only laments she wasn't born out west. She is usually found outside on horseback or in the garden . She is our night shift milkmaid and makes all our butter, yogurt, greek yogurt, and sour cream.

:: Kayla is 'our farmer' and spends most of her time working with the cattle or somewhere on the farm. She loves 4-H, has raised several  Shorthorn show calves, one of which won supreme champion this year at State Fair,  and hopes to raise more as she increases her herd. 

:: Micah is our fix anything, build anything man. He has a growing herd of beef cattle and also loves 4-H, hunting and woodworking. He is currently employed by an older brother learning the trade of professional trim carpentry.

:: Joanna, a creative artist and growing herbalist, is also a fabulous cook. She loves to study herbs and natural ways to heal wounds, aches, and pains, cooks up the most fabulous dinners and works with her 4-H steer.

:: Nathan, youngest of nine, is an eager helpful fellow always ready to lend a hand. He takes care of the chickens and hogs on the farm. He loves to farm,  build, explore and is always full of new ideas.